A 17€ meal from Bologna needed to last me three days. Before departing for Venice, I had downed the 2€ wine, all of the cheese and meat, and much of the baguette in a misplaced effort to drown my financial woes. At the time, I thought I had another paycheck coming when I was to […]

Before I get too deeply into this blogging endeavor, I have to give a disclaimer: I will never have enough words to do justice to the places, people, and stories that I stumble upon. I certainly fit the writing cliché  of being my own worst critic, so my work will always feel incomplete. Because of that my […]

Here’s an easy tweak to an already simple-to-prep food, not to mention a fantastic way to utilize leftover pork! Ingredients 4 Tortillas 1/2 cup Cheese of your choice (I mixed Cheddar & Jalapeno Pepper Jack!) 1/2 cup pulled pork 1/2 red onion Barbecue Sauce Nonstick spray, oil, or butter (I prefer spray for this recipe) […]

I’m skipping a generic”my name is” blah blah “I’m blogging because” … No one cares. Until this blog has traffic, no one wants to hear about me. And that’s perfectly fine, as I’d rather discuss the divine smelling Hawaiian pulled pork shoulder that is currently roasting in my oven. I’ve chosen the most delicious smelling spot […]