Before I get too deeply into this blogging endeavor, I have to give a disclaimer: I will never have enough words to do justice to the places, people, and stories that I stumble upon. I certainly fit the writing cliché  of being my own worst critic, so my work will always feel incomplete. Because of that my body will never be satisfied so long as it’s still.

Now on to more exciting things. Like most star-eyed adventurers my age, I have an extensive Bucket List. Unlike most star-eyed adventurers my age, my interests vary greatly from the norm. In fact, I often have difficulty explaining the reasons behind some of my life plans. But I promised myself that I would never take something off the list unless I had completed it, and I have stuck to that promise.

My Bucket List is always growing, and I am constantly stumbling upon additions left for myself in notes. The part I would like to share today is the one that I wrote in the back of my journal during my five week spontaneous solo tour of Europe:

“Bucket List Additions

1. Become bilingual

2. Go paragliding

3. Yodel in the Alps

4. Go to Oktoberfest

5. Go to Oberammergau

6. Go to the Cannes Film Festival

7. Bungee jump in Austria

8. Sleep on the street (7.17.2012)

9. Teach English to non-English speakers

10. Go to a club in every European country

11. See the Gorge du Verdon

12. Travel pantsless

13. Kiss someone on the top of the London Eye at sunset”

Sleeping on the Streets of Venice, Italy | Venetian Vagabond | Purpose Filled Wandering

As you can see by number 8, I’ve already experienced the excitement of international homelessness.

Have I whet your curiosity yet?

Next time join me (literally) in the streets of Venice!


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